CyberNet Solutions: Managed Service

WE SUPPORT, SERVICE & UPGRADE your home network, security system, home theater...and more!

Technology is always evolving. Today, you’ve got a wide range of smart devices to choose from: appliances, streaming video players, cars, and more. As these electronics are integrated into your home life, you are faced with the extra challenge of...keeping it all running.. More equipment can mean more to keep track of — and there is never a conveient time for a big system crash.

We have plans & services to provide proactive support for all your electronics, and we’ll also ensure those devices operate using the latest software, so your investments stay protected over time.

You’ve got enough on your plate. Let a professional manage and maintain your new system.

Warranty: the fine print!

CyberNet Solutions extends the terms of the manufacturer's warranty onto the customer for all hardware purchased directly from CyberNet Solutions. The terms of these warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These warranties usually only cover replacing the hardware itself and do not cover any labor associated with replacing the device including un-installation, re-installation, configuration, and programming. The manufacturer warranty terms usually only cover failure due to manufacturing defects and does not cover failure due to dust, water, pets or misuse.

Some manufacturers offer advance replacement warranties, and some offer repair only warranties. Advance replacement means that after one of our technicians establishes that the device has failed, the manufacturer will proactively send a replacement device before we send the inoperative device back to them. Repair only means that the device must be shipped to the manufacturer before they will send a replacement. You must wait until the manufacturer finishes their process before you receive your replacement device. Manufacturers have the choice to send back a brand new unit, or a refurbished or B-Stock device. In the longer multi-year warranties, these terms may change depending on a claim near the beginning of the warranty period vs towards the end of the warranty period. CyberNet Solutions does not keep a stock of "loaner" devices in the case of repair only warranties. Manufacturers may choose to replace a device with an updated model or comparable model if the original model is not available. If the manufacturer provides a different model than was originally installed, any extra materials needed to re-install are not covered by the warranty and will be billed. In the case of very long (i.e. 10 year) warranties, the manufacturer may reserve the right to not replace the device and instead compensate you with the market value of the device at the time of the claim.

Your warranty period traditionally does not reset upon receiving a replacement device. If you are at the very end of the warranty period for your original purchase, you may receive a 30-60 day extension for your replacement device. Shipping costs may not be covered for most claims. Always familiarize yourself with the details of your warranties.

Dealer protected brands like Control4, AVProEdge, and SnapAV (i.e. Episode, Binary, and Strong) will tend to have the most flexible and customer-centric warranty policies. They usually cover 2 years or more for the hardware. Large big-box store brands (i.e. Samsung, Sony, Denon) tend to have more restrictive terms in their warranties. We've seen these warranties require 3rd party service techs to come onsite or may require the defective item to be shipped to a 3rd party repair center. Almost all TV warranties are 1 year or less.

CyberNet Solutions includes a 90 day labor warranty for work performed on signed contracts. Service calls performed by our technicians include a 30 day labor warranty covering our workmanship. This covers any execution of replacing hardware due to manufacturer warranty or due to failure in our workmanship. If hardware fails within the manufacturer warranty but the labor warranty is expired, you will be billed for labor needed to execute the manufacturer's hardware warranty. These rates may differ depending on if you are actively subscribed to one of our Client Care Plans.

Any onsite labor required to repair something in the system due to any non-CyberNet employee (i.e. other tradespeople, service contractors, or cable technicians) or on equipment not directly purchased from CyberNet (i.e. Comcast cable box, video game system) is not covered by our workmanship labor warranty. CyberNet's labor warranty does not cover any issues that arise due to software updates from manufacturers.