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We at CyberNet Solutions are your Low Voltage Home Theater Security Projector Wiring Camera WiFi Speaker Networking Home Automation Streaming Music Sonos Control4 Streaming Video Whole House WiFi Service guys.

Our Residential Services

CE Pros Explained

A Custom Electronics Professional (CE Pro), is a professional installer that has been highly trained to consult with you and provide advice about your home electronics project. They are experienced individuals that will be able to work within the budget and parameters that you set for them to develop your system.

Great CE Pros can come up with some amazing ideas about how to make your home electronics project the best it can be for your needs. They can offer suggestions that maybe you haven't considered, and can provide inspiration based on creative projects that they have done in the past. Many CE Pros have custom electronics and home automation systems in their own homes, allowing them to explain the range of possibilities and how it will benefit your in actual date-to-date life.

What devices and other equipment will you need? Where will they need to be installed? What fits in your budget? These are all questions a CE Pro can and will help you answer, taking teh complicated guesswork out of it.

If you were having electrical problems, you'd call in an electrician. If you were having plumbing issues, you'd reach out to a plumber. Your home media or home automation system is similar in the sense that it requires a very specialized set of skilss to do it right. Although you will find that it will simplify so many things after the installation, it can be very complex to build your complete solutions, and that complexity requires a trained professional. Our CE Pros are required to complete rigorous trainings, allowing them to be completely equipped with the knowledge to assist with the planning and execution of your system from start to finish. They have extensive knowledge about hardware and software, as well as ntetworking and electronic equipment.

A CE Pro will listen carefully and assess your wants and needs to help design a system to fit your lifestyle. Perhaps you want your home to lock itself at 10pm, or shades that close as the sun hits. Or maybe a home theater that handles the picture, sound and lights with one touch. Our certified CE Pros can help you to fully optimize your space, making your home work for you.

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